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ATMAE recognizes members with both Association-level and Division-level award programs for their contributions to ATMAE and the disciplines of technology, technology management, and applied engineering. Awards are issued annually and as appropriate. The links below include a summary of all annual awards given since 2009, along with information and past recipients of each award program. Division-level award information and recipients is found within each Division's area of the website.


Outstanding Student Chapter Award
ATMAE's Student Division recognizes the achievements of its campus ATMAE Student Chapters with an Outstanding ATMAE Student Chapter award, which may be awarded each year. Outstanding Student Chapters are recognized based on their exceptional efforts to engage ATMAE, their college, and their community. Exemplary ATMAE Student Chapters provide development opportunities that support student academic and professional growth through the realization of the ATMAE mission.

Click here to learn about selection criteria, application materials, nomination deadline and procedures. 

Faculty Excellence Award
This award recognizes the superior performance and achievement of up to three ATMAE members from two-year institutions and up to three ATMAE members from four-year institutions, including graduate faculty. It is intended to epitomize those who have a demonstrated record of excellence and achievement in their professions. 

Click here to learn about selection criteria, nomination deadline and procedures.


Excellence for Women in Technology Award
This award recognizes the superior performance and achievement of a woman who has demonstrated notable leadership, superior achievement, influence in industry, and who has made a great impact in their field.

Click here to learn about selection criteria, nomination deadline and procedures.

Early Career Achievement Award
This award recognizes the superior performance and achievement of recent Industrial Technology graduates who are members of ATMAE and who have demonstrated leadership and superior performance in business and industry.

Click here to learn about selection criteria, nomination deadline and procedures. 


Industry Innovation Award
The ATMAE Industry Innovation Award is intended to recognize entrepreneurs, the self-employed, and individuals in business, industry and/or the private sector who have created better or more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are accepted by markets, governments, and society.

Click here to learn about selection criteria, nomination deadline and procedures. 


Best ATMAE Conference Proceedings Paper
The Executive Board established the Best Conference Paper award in 2006 to honor the authors of the Best Conference Proceedings Paper of the Annual ATMAE Conference. Over 250 presentation proposals are submitted each year, and between 63% and 75% are accepted. From those presentation proposals that are accepted, about 1/3 are submitted as full papers each year. A maximum of 50% of paper submissions may be accepted. From the accepted papers, the peer-review team of ATMAE Executive Board members selects one paper and its authors for recognition through this highly competitive award.

Past "Best Paper" Awardees


Charles W. Keith Award
The Charles W. Keith Award is a special award named in honor of the man whose vision and action resulted in the foundation of the National Association of Industrial Technology, ATMAE's predecessor association. The award was established in 1986 by the President and Board of Trustees of NAIT to honor individuals who have significantly contributed their efforts over a period of time towards the development of the Association. The nominee must be one whose contributions to the organization have been consistently outstanding.

The award is administered by the Chair of the Board. It should be noted that this award is not a yearly award, but will be given only when an individual is judged by the current Chair of the Board and two past chairs to have displayed exemplary accomplishments toward the significant development of ATMAE over an appreciable period of time.Past


2013 Dr. John Wright, Jr.
2003 Dr. James Orr
2002 Mr. John Reese
1995 Dr. Everett N. Israel
1994 Dr. Donald J. Betando
1993 Dr. Clois Kicklighter
1990 Dr. Clint A. Bertrand
1986 Dr. Alvin E. Rudisill


Dr. Alvin Rudisill Exemplary Service Award
The Exemplary Service Award was established in 1988 and was renamed the Dr. Alvin Rudisill Exemplary Service Award in 2002 in honor of Al Rudisill, NAIT's Executive Director for over twenty years prior to his retirement in 2002. Prior to 1987 this award was known as the President's award. The selection is made by the ATMAE Executive Board Chair and is presented on occasion to individuals deemed to have made exemplary contributions to the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering.


Past Awardees:

Mr. Rick Coscarelli 2012
Dr. Charles Patrick 2008
Dr. Brad Lawson 2005
Mr. Harold Finn 2003
Dr. John Sutton 2003
Dr. Niaz Latif 2002
Mr. Dave Monforton 2002
Dr. James Orr 2000
Dr. Earl G. Yarbrough 1995
Dr. William G. Miller 1995
Dr. Larry D. Helsel 1994
Dr. Richard W. Barrow 1993
Dr. Jerry D. Parrish 1993
Dr. Raymond L. Keil 1993
Dr. Everett N. Israel 1992
Dr. Kenneth S. Hansson 1991
Dr. R. Brad Lawson 1990
Ms. Wendy Everett 1989
Ms. Diane Dufek 1988
Dr. Richard A. Kruppa 1987
Mr. Dave K. Gore 1986
Dr. Clint A. Bertrand 1983
Dr. Raymond Keil 1983
Dr. Alvin E. Rudisill 1979
Mr. Paul Bush 1979



ATMAE Executive Board Chair Service Award

A Service Award is given each year to the Chair of the Executive Board. We thank these members for their service as leaders of ATMAE and its predecessor, NAIT. 

Past Awardees:

Dr. Lynda G. Kenney


Mr. John Martini


Dr. Ivan Mosley, Sr.


Dr. John R. Wright, Jr.


Ms. Kimberly Travers


Dr. Fred Walker


Dr. Ahmad Zargari


Dr. William Brauer


Dr. Niaz Latif


Dr. Mark Estepp


Dr. Arthur Rosser


Dr. Jerry Parish


Mr. Ed McGarry


Mr. John Reese


Dr. A. Raj Chowdhury


Dr. Dennis R. Depew


Dr. James P. Orr


Dr. Douglas L. Pickle


Dr. Patrick W. Miller


Dr. Larry D. Helsel


Mr. Greg F. Schumm


Dr. John J. Jenkins


Dr. Clois E. Kicklighter


Mr. Donald J. Betando


Dr. Clois E. Kicklighter


Mr. Donald J. Betando


Dr. Lawrence F. Talbott


Dr. Orin R. Robinson


Dr. Alvin E. Rudisill


Dr. Kenneth W. Winters


Mr. Earl G. Mills


Dr. Kenneth S. Hansson


Dr. Adam E. Darm


Dr. Roger L. Hoover 1974-1975
Dr. George L. Brooker 1973-1974

Dr. Leland B. Moore

Dr. Glendon O. Arvin 1971-1972
Dr. Eugene Gardner 1970-1971
Dr. Clint A. Bertrand 1969-1970
Dr. Raymond L. Keil


Dr. Charles W. Keith



ATMAE Leadership Service Awards

The ATMAE Executive Board occasionally recognizes ATMAE leaders for their ongoing contributions to the Association and its programs.

Past Awardees:

Dr. David Williams

Chair, NAIT Board of Accreditation, 2004-2008

Dr. Dennis Field

Chair, NAIT Board of Certification, 1999-2007



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