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Getting Published



What gets Published in the JTMAE?

The JTMAE publishes peer-refereed scholarly and research articles, along with non-refereed informational articles, that are of interest to Technology, Technology Management, and Applied Engineering students and professionals in both industry and academia. Peer-Refereed articles fit into four broad categories: 1) Applied Papers, 2) Research Papers, 3) Pedagogical Papers, and 4) Perspective (Meta-Analysis) Papers (e.g., sound literature reviews to update the state-of-the-art). Non-Refereed articles also cover Technology, Technology Management, and Applied Engineering topics; non-refereed articles are usually non-research pieces of importance to the readership, or articles that have some research basis but do not meet the criteria for review as a peer-refereed article. Appropriate content for non-refereed articles include book reviews, opinion pieces and editorials, reports on development and implementation of new programs and curricula, accreditation and certification information, and other topics of interest to the JTMAE audience.

Review Process, Manuscript Guidelines and Submission Guidelines

Please review the following guidelines to assist you in getting your work published in JTMAE. Journal articles published since December 2009 are indexed in EBSCO Publishing's worldwide Computer & Applied Science Complete database. The journal entered into an electronic licensing relationship with EBSCO Publishing, the world's most prolific aggregator of full text journals, magazines and other sources. The full text of journal articles can be found on EBSCO Publishing's databases.

  • ATMAE Membership: At least one author of a paper submitted to the JTMAE for possible review and publication must be an ATMAE member or join ATMAE before the review process begins. Authors may contact the ATMAE office at Membership Section of the ATMAE Website for membership information and to join ATMAE or renew your membership. At the time a paper is accepted for publication, all authors must be ATMAE members or, in lieu of membership, authors may elect to pay an $100 publication fee.

  • Is your paper topic a good fit for the JTMAE? Read the JTMAE Article Vetting Criteria - Expanded for Authors to determine if your paper's topic, style and content is a good match for review by the JTMAE. You can also look at the JTMAE articles that have been posted, skimming them or searching the Keyword index for papers relating to the same topics. The JTMAE Review Criteria may also provide further guidance.

  • Preparing your paper: Read the Manuscript Guidelines and prepare your paper accordingly prior to submitting a paper. Papers that do not comply with submission requirements will be returned to the author.

  • Revising your paper: You must use the "Track Changes" feature in Word, so the Editorial Panel and Referees can easily understand how you addressed issues raised in the review process. Papers that do not comply with submission requirements will be returned to the author.

  • All NEW JTMAE submissions: (Starting September 1, 2016)  All new submissions, either for peer-refereed or non-refereed consideration, must be submitted through our cloud-based manuscript submission and peer-review platform.  You must follow the JTMAE Electronic Submission Guidelines to submit your paper to the JTMAE.

  • Questions? You can reach the JTMAE Coordinator by phone at 919) 635-8335.

Review Process:

The JTMAE uses a double-blind peer-review process for "peer-refereed" papers and each "peer-refereed" paper is submitted to three peer referees for comment and criticism. Before being sent to review, papers are vetted by the JTMAE Editorial Panel to determine if their topic and format fit the JTMAE and if they meet minimum content requirements for one of the four broad paper categories noted above. Most papers are returned to the author for revision after the first review and then go through a second review after the author makes revisions. The review process will usually take between four months and eight months to be completed; occasionally the process may take a full year. When published online as a JTMAE article, the cover page of each paper accepted through the peer-referee process indicates that the article was "peer-refereed."


Manuscript Guidelines and Submission

  • JTMAE Manuscript Guidelines: Find out how to format and submit a paper. This section provides all detail about preparing your paper for submission.

  • ATMAE Membership: At least one authors must be an ATMAE member before the review process will be started. See the Membership section to use the electronic membership form.

  • Papers that do not conform to submission guidelines will be returned to the author.

  • The review process is completed in six to ten months in most cases.


How to Submit (Starting September 1, 2016)

All JTMAE manuscripts must be submitted through our cloud-based manuscript submission and peer-review platform

  • Follow the JTMAE Electronic Submission Guidelines when you submit your paper. This section gives you all specs for proper email submission of paper and required information, along with the email link to submit.
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