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2016 Robotics Relay Race
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2016 Robotics Relay Race

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November 2-5, 2016
Double Tree by Hilton
Orlando, Florida

Click Here
to download the compressed ball puzzle pieces files


ATMAE Robotics Relay Race Information, Objectives and Rules

  • Teams will be drawn at random and entered into double elimination bracket.
  • For the course layout, see the diagram below.
  • No portion of the Robotics Relay Race will be autonomous.









  • The track will be a total of 34 feet long and about 4 ½ feet wide. Each lane will be 2’ wide
  • The Assembly Area will be two (2) feet square.
  • The Puzzle Area will be two (2) feet square.
  • The track will be marked off using tape. The tape that will be used is 2” wide gray/silver duct tape.



The “ball” portion of the ATMAE logo will be the puzzle.

The logo will be printed using a 3D printer. It will be in the shape of a hemisphere that is divided into 5 pieces. The diameter of the hemisphere will be 10”. The hemisphere will be 2” tall at its center. The puzzle pieces will vary in size and shape. Some of the pieces will look similar but the puzzle will be cut so that the pieces only fit one possible way.

The puzzle will be printed using blue HIPS filament. The white portion of the puzzle will be added using a white paint pen.

The 3D drawing files of the puzzle are available above in .stl format. It will be downloadable so that each team will have the opportunity to print out their own logo puzzle for practicing. The individual size and shape of each puzzle piece will be included in the drawing.

Each team will have the option of using their own printed logo puzzle if they choose to do so. All puzzles will need to be verified and approved by the judges prior to the start of the competition. 

  • Two teams will be competing against each other in this competition. One robot will be placed in the starting area of each lane.

  • When the race is started, each driver will navigate his/her robot down the track to the area marked Puzzle Area where one (1) piece, and only one (1) piece, of the puzzle will be collected and the driver will then navigate the robot back down the track and place the collected piece into the area marked Assembly Area.

  • At this point, the driver will then hand the remote to another team member who will then repeat the steps performed by the previous driver.

  • This will continue until all five (5) pieces of the puzzle have been collected and placed into the Assembly Area.

  • Once all five (5) pieces are in the Assembly Area the team members will then assemble the puzzle by hand.

  • The first team to complete the puzzle is the winner of the round.


  • Each team must have a minimum of three (3) members, but should include as many as possible up to five (5). If a team has five members present, they must all participate unless otherwise approved by the judges prior to the start of the competition.

  • Prior to the start of the race, the puzzle pieces will be held about 1 foot above the ground and dropped into the puzzle area. Any puzzle piece that falls outside of the puzzle area will be returned to the area by a judge. Due to the puzzle pieces being dropped, the orientation of the puzzle pieces will be random. Prepare your robot so the end effector can pick up the puzzle piece in any orientation.

  • Each team will be timed individually in the case of penalty time that may need to be accessed.

  • The robot must stay in its lane during the race. For each instance a robot gets out of its lane, a five (5) second penalty will be added to the final race time. A robot will be considered out of its lane if one wheel or track is completely and clearly over the boundary.

  • The puzzle piece collected cannot be pushed or dragged back to the assembly area. The puzzle piece must be lifted off of the floor and carried in some manner back to the assembly area. The puzzle piece must remain off of the floor while being transported.

  • If the puzzle piece is dropped while it is being transported to the assembly area:

    • If the dropped puzzle piece falls within the lane being used by the robot, it can be picked up again, with no penalty, and continue to the assembly area
    • If the dropped puzzle piece falls out of bounds or into the competitor’s lane, a judge will replace the dropped puzzle piece back into the correct lane at the closest estimated point the puzzle piece left the lane.
    • If the driver of the robot that drops a puzzle piece leave their lane to retrieve the puzzle piece, any and all penalties that can be, will be assessed.

  • The drivers of the robots will be allowed to walk with their robots up and down the track if they wish to do so, but they must stay outside of the taped off competition area.

  • Any robot that crosses into the opponent’s lane and initiates contact with the opposing robot will forfeit the race, regardless of the times recorded during the current race. In each case of a robot colliding with an opposing robot, the judges will determine which team is at fault and make a ruling on the winner and loser of the race.

  • If any team member touches a puzzle piece, without permission from a judge, prior to all five puzzle pieces being placed on the ground in the assembly area, they will forfeit the current race.
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