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2016 Robotics FAQs
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2016 Robotics Competition FAQs

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November 2-5, 2016
Double Tree by Hilton
Orlando, Florida


Is there a fixed area for the operators or can they walk next to the robot?  

The defined course will be marked.  One operator. He or she can walk outside of the defined marked area.


The obstacle if outlined in tape. What kind of tape?

Silver, 2.5 inch masking tape


Can teams charge/swap batteries between events?



How far does the robot stray from its lane to be disqualified?

The robot must stay in its lane during the race. For each instance a robot gets out of its lane, a five (5) second penalty will be added to the final race time. A robot will be considered out of its lane if one wheel or track is completely and clearly over the boundary. The robot will be disqualified if one wheel or tread goes completely or clearly over the boundary.


What happens if robots collide with each other?

Any robot that crosses into the opponent’s lane and initiates contact with the opposing robot will forfeit the race, regardless of the times recorded during the current race. In the case of a robot hitting an opposing robot, the judges will determine who the guilty party is and make a ruling on the winner and loser of the race.


Can we impede another robot without touching them?



Will we be able to fix our robot if a collision occurs with another robot?



Is there a maximum time limit to complete the race?



If the robot‘s power supply is drained, will there be more than one attempt?

No, there is only one attempt.


Are rockets allowed?

No rockets are allowed


Is there any practice allowed before the competition?

Teams will NOT be allowed to practice before the actual events. All teams will have access to the competition area prior to the events for measurements, planning, etc., but no practicing.


What is the dimensions of the start area for the Relay Race?

Start area is will be two (2) feet square.


Will each team have their own lane?



Are the blocks we are collecting on the tape or sitting off it?

The blocks will be sitting on the tape, directly in the path of the robot following the tape path. 


Who puts the ATMAE Globe together?

Competitors assemble ATMAE globe but each of the 5 pieces are delivered to the assembly area by robot.


How do the 3D pieces have to be assembled to complete the puzzle?

The 5 pieces must spell out ATMAE but do not have to assembled in the same orientation.


What are the allowed maximum dimensions of the robots?

Footprint of robot cannot exceed 12x18.


Can I use a different robot to carry ATMAE Globe pieces?

No, but the robot can use different manipulators.


Is there any restriction on the number of and types of manipulators we can use on our robot? Could a team use a sort of plow or lifting shovel?

There is no limit to the number of manipulators each robot can employ. A plow or lifting shovel may be used, but the robot must fit into the 12" x 18" box before the competition. Nothing can be added to the robot to increase the footprint once it has been measured.


Can teams have a "cart" or holder bin built into the robot, such as for holding one or multiple puzzle pieces or blocks?

Yes, you can have a "cart" or holder bin built into your robot for holding blocks and/or puzzle pieces. Your robot, with the built in "cart" or holder bin will be required to fit into the 12" x 18" box. When picking up the blocks, you will be allowed to pick up and transport all five blocks. When picking up the puzzle pieces, you are allowed to only pick up one at a time.


Is there a restriction on how many puzzle pieces or block the robot can hold/transport at a time?

When picking up the blocks, you will be allowed to pick up and transport all five blocks. When picking up the puzzle pieces, you are allowed to only pick up one at a time.


On portions where the robot must pick up and organize puzzle pieces or blocks, does this have to be done manually?



For the blocks: Once the robot autonomously unloads the blocks, the operator will then switch to manual mode and arrange the blocks to spell out ATMAE. The orientation of the blocks does not matter, the operator is only asked to arrange the blocks in the correct order.  


For the puzzle pieces: Once the last puzzle piece has been retrieved and placed on the ground in the assembly area, the team can then assemble the puzzle by hand. 

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