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About Accreditation
Sets standards for academic accreditation of Applied Engineering, Engineering Technology, and other Technology-related areas.
Why Become Accredited?
Accreditation requires evaluation against a set of standards to measure program goals and objectives, promotion of academic integrity, and proper methods of assessment.
Why Choose ATMAE?
ATMAE is recognized by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation.
ATMAE Accredited Programs
The current list of institutions with ATMAE Accredited programs.
Find answers to the most frequently asked questions related to ATMAE accreditation.
Accreditation Policy & Standards
Applications for ATMAE accreditation must demonstrate that institutions have plans in place for assessing educational outcomes.
Documents, Forms & Resources
The Accreditation Handbook, application, and other resources are found here.
Degree & Accreditation Mills
Avoid dubious providers of education offerings that mislead. and harm students and institutions.
Accreditation Standards

The inclusion of outcomes assessment as part of accreditation is mandated by CHEA and is the cornerstone of ATMAE accreditation. Applications for ATMAE accreditation of technology, management and applied engineering programs must demonstrate that institutions have plans in place for assessing educational outcomes. These plans must show evidence that the results of those assessments have led to the improvement of teaching and learning processes, and improved preparation of program graduates to enter professional positions upon graduation.

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Council for
Higher Education Accreditation

ATMAE Accreditation programs are recognized by CHEA, a national advocate and institutional voice for self regulation of academic quality through accreditation.

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Association of
Specialized and Professional Accreditors

ATMAE is a member of ASPA which provides a collaborative forum and collective voice for the community of organization in the U.S. that assess the quality of specialized and professional higher education programs and schools.

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Accreditation Board

Coordinate and conduct all accreditation activity of the Association and is the autonomous decision making body with final authority for creating policies and procedures related to accreditation activities.

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