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Accreditation FAQs
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Accreditation FAQs

The primary purpose of ATMAE accreditation is to encourage and recognize the attainment of certain professional goals and standards for Technology and to encourage "Continuous Quality Improvement". To learn more, read through the following Frequently Asked Questions, and contact us with further questions.


 1. When does Initial or Reaccreditation Visits take place?

All Initial and Reaccreditation Visits generally take place between March 1st and May 1st of each spring. It is important that both faculty and students be in session for review by the Visiting Team.


2. What can I expect during a Team Visit?

If you review our sample Diary of an On-Site Visit, you can get a good idea of how a visit is conducted. 


3. How many Members are on a Team?

Generally three (3), however, the number of programs/options may require the Personnel Committee to assign four (4) or five (5) team members.  If more than three team members are required for any visit, then the institution will be billed for actual travel costs for the extra team member(s). “Actual travel costs” for each extra team member will be determined by dividing the total travel costs by the number of team members. 


4. Who picks the Team Members?

The Personnel Committee is responsible for the initial Team selection. They attempt to match up appropriate University, Industrial and Sponsor team members to fit the Institution being visited and the programs/options being reviewed.


5. Does the Institution have a chance to review the Team Members selected?

Yes, the Institution has the opportunity to review the team members selected and approve the team or to request a change for cause (see the appropriate Accreditation Handbook for more detail information).


6. When will I find out who is on the Team?

Generally Team assignments are made in late December and during the month of January.


7. How much does Accreditation cost?

Please review the our fees page for information on cost.


8. How much does Reaccreditation cost?

There is no additional fee for reaccreditation. The annual accreditation fees are used to off set the reaccreditation visits. You will continue to pay your annual fee during your reaccreditation tenure of six (6) years.

9. Which accreditation handbook is currently in use?

All new request for accreditation will follow the 2019 Accreditation Handbook.  The 2011 Outcomes Model is used only by those preparing reports, if they were being accredited under that standard when the report was requested.


10. How can I find ATMAE Accredited Programs?

You can find all ATMAE Accredited Programs here: