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CTP/CSTP Program


Certified Technical Professional (CTP/CSTP)

The Certified Technical Professional (CTP) program is designed to serve graduates of both 2-Year and 4-Year Programs. The exam is broad-based, geared to technical programs without a management component that result in either an associate (AS, AAS) degree or a baccalaureate (BS, BA) degree.


Certified Technical Professional (CTP) is the initial certification status awarded to eligible applicants. CTP status is on-going upon annual dues payments. Reporting of continuing education activity is not required to maintain CTP status; CTP holders may report continuing education activity in order to qualify for Certified Senior Technical Professional (CSTP) status. CTP holders who report 30 PDU may upgrade to CSTP status.

Certified Senior Technical Professional (CSTP)is the higher-level "senior" status and is awarded to:
  • Eligible initial applicants with three years of post-graduate professional experience who have completed 30 PDUs of continuing education activity prior to their initial application for CSTP certification.

Continuing Education is Required for CSTP!
  • CSTP certification is renewable every three years and requires 30 PDUs of continuing education activity within each 3-year CSTP period to be eligible for re-certification for another 3-year period.
  • CSTP holders who do not report 30 PDUs at the end of the 3-year certification will lose their CSTP certification.

About the CTP Exam

The CTP Examination can be used for individual certification and for program assessment. The exam is an *open-book, 160-question, multiple choice examination with questions on Applied Mathematics, Engineering Graphics, Production Planning & Control, Safety, Quality, and other rudimentary questions pertaining to Algebra, Trigonometry, and English. This exam's content may be more appropriate for AS program students and assessment of AS programs. (*Examinees are allowed to use printed reference materials (e.g., reference texts) during the exam. However, internet or software-based references are not allowed to be used during the exam. Oversight of this is the responsibility of the exam proctor.) Passage of the exam is determined by a cumulative score on the examination.

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Individuals: Click here to sign up to take the exam as an individual (if you are taking the test as part of a class assessment, speak to your professor for log-in information). Exam fee is $25 per examinee



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Less than 15 Examinees; Exam fee is $25 per examinee -- Click here

16-45 Examinees; Exam fee is $20 per examinee -- Click here

46 or more Examinees; Exam fee is $15 per examinee -- Click here


APPLY FOR YOUR CERTIFICATION (after passing your exam):


Certification Fees and Policies

Certification Frequently Asked Questions


Professionals - Click here to apply for the CTP/CSTP Certification

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Please contact the ATMAE office with questions at  (919) 635-8335;