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JIT (Nov 1998 – Jan 2002)
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Volume 18, Number 1 - November 2001 - January 2002

"QFD-based Technical Textbook Evaluation – Procedure and a Case Study"
Mr. Jacob Chen and Dr. Joseph C. Chen

"Impact of Screen-Capture Based Instruction on Student Comprehension of Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software Principles"
Dr. James E. Folkestad & Dr. Michael A. De Miranda

"Selecting Rapid Prototyping Systems"
Dr. Ryan Brown and Dr. Kenneth W. Stier

"Web-Centric Product Data Management"
Dr. David S. Kelley

"Spatial Visualization: Fundamentals and Trends in Engineering Graphics"
Dr. Shawn Strong and Dr. Roger Smith

"The Role of Scholarship for Industrial Technology Faculty"
Dr. Charles Patrick and Dr. Ahmad Zargari 


Volume 17, Number 4 - August 2001 - October 2001

"The Application of Multi-Level GeneticAlgorithms in Assembly Planning"
Dr. Shana Shiang-Fong Smith (Shiang-Fong Chen) and Mr. Yong-Jin Liu

"Resolving the Conflict between Design and Manufacturing: Integrated Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling (IRPRT)"
James E. Folkestad, Ph.D. and Russell L. Johnson, Ph.D.


Volume 17, Number 3 - May 2001 - July 2001

"Distance Learning: Issues and Concerns of Distance Learners"
Dr. Edie K. Schmidt & Ms. Ana Gallegos

"An Examination of the Graduation Rates and Enrollment Trends in Industrial Technology Baccalaureate Programs from 1988-1998"
Dr. Tao C. Chang & Dr. John C. Dugger

"ERP: The Primary Solution Provider for Industrial Companies"
Dr. Ali E. Kashef, Dr. Mahyar Izadi, & Dr. Saud H. Al-Sehali

"A Status Report on the Use of Distance Education in Industrial Technology"
Dr. William W. Clyburn & Dr. W. C. Johnson


Volume 17, Number 2 - February 2001 - April 2001

"An Industrial Technologist’s Core Knowledge: Web-based Strategy for Defining Our Discipline"
Dr. John Sinn & Mr. Darren Olson

"A Multiple Regression Model to Predict In-process Surface Roughness in Turning Operation Via Accelerometer"
Mr. Luke Huang & Dr. Joseph C. Chen

"A Paradigm for Breadboard use in Electronics Laboratory Instruction"
Dr. Marc A. Timmerman & Dr. Recayi Pecen

"Transforming Leadership in the Manufacturing Industry"
Dr. Jule D. Scarborough

"A Systematic Approach for Identifying Optimum Surface Roughness Performance in End-Milling Operations"
Mr. John L. Yang & Dr. Joseph C. Chen



Volume 17, Number 1 - November 2000 - January 2001

"Proposal For Taking The Industrial Technology Profession To The Next Level: Assessing Core Knowledge Through Online Methods"
Dr. John W. Sinn

"Internet and Network Security"
Dr. James H. Yu & Mr. Tom K. Le

"Computer Management Information Systems and Computer Production Skills Needed by Industrial Technology Graduates as Perceived by Universities and Companies"
Dr. Ivan T. Mosley, Sr., CSIT

"Integrating Rapid Prototyping Technology into the Curriculum"
Dr. Kenneth Stier & Dr. Ryan Brown

"Surface Mount Technology Market Forecasting"
Dr. Shelton Houston

"Understanding E-mail Delivery"
Dr. John A. Marshall

"Electronic Commerce: An Introduction (Book Review)"
Dr. Fahad A. Alyabis

"Determining Process Mean for Machining while Unbalanced Tolerance Design Occurs"
Dr. Ming-Hsien Caleb Li & Dr. Joseph C. Chen



Volume 16, Number 4 - August 2000 - October 2000

"The Evolution of Student Internships in Industry"
Dr. Cyndi A. Crother

"The Impacts of Quality Improvement Training on Fear/Anxiety in Organizations"
Dr. C. Douglas Ward & Dr. John C. Dugger

"Integrating Spreadsheet Templates and Data Analysis into Fluid Power Instruction"
Dr. Bruce Marsh

"Integrating Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Concepts into Industrial Technology Curricula"
By Dr. Ronald L. Meier

"Information Technology (IT) For Manufacturing: Where Has It Been, Where Is It Heading?"
By Grant W. Lawless

"Gender Equity in Industrial Technology:The Challenge and Recommendations"
Dr. Balsy Kasi & Dr. John C. Dugger

"Does Rapid Prototyping Improve Student Visualization Skills"
Dr. Gary Frey & Dr. David Baird

"Organizing and Managing Successful Technical Presentations"
Dr. David D. Bradney

"Enhancing a Residential Safety Course with the Development of an Online Component: A Limited Case Study"
Dr. Steven A. Freeman & Dr. Karla M. Embleton

"High School Students’ Perceptions of Information Technology Skills and Careers"
Dr. Uma G. Gupta & Dr. Lynne E. Houtz


Volume 16, Number 3 - May 2000 - July 2000

"Assessing Individual Student Performance in Teams"
Dr. James E. Ettaro

"Industrial Advisory Committee…or Action Committee?"
Dr. James E. Folkestad & Dr. Michael A. DeMiranda

"Focus on Industry for Success"
Dr. John A. Marshall

"The Relevance of Concurrent Engineering in Industrial Technology Programs"
Dr. Radha Balamuralikrishna, Dr. Ragu Athinarayanan, & Dr. Xueshu Song

"Teaching Design for Manufacturability with Desktop Computer-Aided Analysis"
Dr. Louis Reifschneider

"A Hybrid Solar-Wind Power Generation System as an Instructional Resource for Industrial Technology Students"
Dr. Recayi Pecen, Dr. MD Salim, & Dr. Marc Timmerman

"The Status of NAIT: Perceptions of Industrial Technology Department Chairs"
Dr. Mark R. Miller, CIT

"The Development and Delivery of a Distance Learning (DL) Course in Industrial Technology"
Dr. James E. Smallwood & Dr. Ahmad Zargari

Volume 16, Number 2 - February 2000 - April 2000

"Attitude of Electronics Technology Majors at Indiana State University Toward Mathematics"
Dr. William E. Croft 

"Ergonomic Analysis of a Multi-Task Industrial Lifting Station Using the NIOSH Method"
Mr. Richard Temple & Mr. Terry Adams

"Digitization and Graphic Communication Education: From Print Reproduction to Dynamic Image Generation"
Ms. Ute Sartorius

"Neural Network-Based Tool Breakage Monitoring System for End Milling Operations"
Mr. Po-Tsang Huang and Dr. Joseph C. Chen


Volume 16, Number 1 - November 1999 - January 2000

"Integration of Product and Process Development Using Rapid Prototyping and Workcell Simulation Technologies"
Dr. Daniel Chen and Dr. Frank Cheng 

"Mass-customization Methodology for an Apparel Industry with a Future"
Ms. Seung-Eun Lee & Dr. Joseph C. Chen

"Developing Online Templates for ISO 9000- Based Standard Operating Procedures"
Mr. Anbu Lingappan, Dr. Angelo D. Brown, Dr. John W. Sinn & Dr. Todd C. Waggoner   

"The Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Monitoring and Control of an Induction Hardening Process"
Mr. Timothy James Stich, Dr. Julie K. Spoerre & Dr. Tomás Velasco 

"An Analysis of Industrial Technology (IT) Programs in Meeting Students Needs: A Survey of IT Alumni"
Dr. Ahmad Zargari & Mr. Robert Hayes

"Measuring an Unknown, A Laboratory Problem for Basic Electronics"
Mr. Eric Tisdale 

"Kaizen: An Essential Tool for Inclusion in Industrial Technology Curricula"
Mr. Samson S. Lee, Dr. John C. Dugger, & Dr. Joseph C. Chen

"Tensile Strength Comparison of Athletic Tapes: Assessed Using ASTM D3759M-96,
Standard Test Method for Tensile Strength and Elongation of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes"

Dr. Steven L. Schaeffer, Ms. Jill Slusarski, Ms. Valeria VanTiem, & Dr. M.L. Johnson

"The Importance of TQM Concepts and Instruction as Perceived by Industrial and Vocational Training Personnel"
Dr. Hsi-Kong Chin Wang & Dr. William G. Miller


Volume 15, Number 4 - August 1999 - October 1999

"Issues in Information Ethics and Educational Policies for the Coming Age"
Dr. Chien-Pen Chuang & Dr. Joseph C. Chen

"Benefits of a Cross-Functional Safety Curriculum"
Dr. Steven A. Freeman & Dr. Dennis W. Field 

"Internet Service Providers: A Method for Selection"
Dr. John A. Marshall

"Staying Competitive: Links to Manufacturing Technology Networks"
Dr. H. Fred Walker, CQE, CSIT, Dr. Teresa J.K Hall, CMfgE & Dr. Loren Faeth, CQE, CMfgT, GICJ

"The Debate Over Which PLC Programming Language is the State-of-the-Art"
Dr. John R. Wright, Jr. 

"Analysis of the Industrial Technology Electrical Systems Specialization Using DACUM"
Deborah J. Zanella 

"A Management-Support Technique for the Selection of Rapid Prototyping Technologies"
Dr. Marcello Braglia & Dr. Alberto Petroni 

"An Update on Applied Quality Science at Bowling Green State University and the Instructional Use of Student-Based Applied Research as a Technology Transfer Mechanism: A Critical Element of Education for Technologists"
Mr. Darren Olson & Dr. John Sinn

"Effects of Tool Diameter Variations in On-Line Surface Roughness Recognition System"
Dr. Mandara D. Savage & Dr. Joseph C. Chen


Volume 15, Number 3 - May 1999 - July 1999

"Analysis of an Effective Sensing Location for an In-process Surface Recognition System in Turning Operations"
Dr. Joseph C. Chen, Mr. Luke H. Huang, Ms. Ashley X. Lan, & Mr. Samson Lee

"Computer Crimes: How to Avoid Falling Victim"
Dr. John A. Marshall

"Teaching Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing in a Manufacturing Program"
Dr. Vedaraman Sriraman & Dr. John De Leon

"A Systematic Procedure for Designing State Combination Circuits in PLCs"
Dr. Chien-Pen Chuang, Ms. Xing Lan, & Dr. Joseph C. Chen 

"A Study of Computer-Mediated Communication to be Used for Classroom Instruction"
Dr. Cynthia C. Gillispie

"Professional Internships as a Requirement for Graduation"
Dr. John Allen Marshall

"Technological Applications of Solid Modeling and Parametric Features"
Dr. Earnest L. Walker & Mr. Bruce Cox

"What Influences Students to Attend Four-Year Automotive Programs"
Dr. Robert L. Frisbee & Dr. Greg Belcher

"A Statistical Approach in Detecting Tool Breakage in End Milling Operations"
Mr. Po-Tsang Huang, Dr. Joseph C. Chen, & Dr. Chai-Yu Chou

"An Exploratory Study to Assess Competency Gaps in Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technological (SMET) Education"
Dr. Ronald L. Meier, Dr. Michael Williams, Dr. Michael Humphreys, & Mr. John Centko 


Volume 15, Number 2 - February 1999 - April 1999

"An Outline for the Study of Using Technology"
Dr. Jim Flowers

"Disseminating, Archiving, and Retrieving New Knowledge in Industrial Technology: Implications for the Discipline and NAIT"
Dr. Robert A. Chin 

"Improving Students’ Conceptual Understanding of Electrical and Electronics Circuits Via Computer-Based Review Sessions"
Dr. Athula Kulatunga, CEM 

"Internet Crimes Encountered By Novice Surfers"
Dr. John A. Marshall 

"A Framework for Implementing Appropriate Manufacturing Systems in Developing Economies"
Dr. Samuel C. Obi 

"Local Area Network (LAN) in Manufacturing"
Dr. Massoud Maxwell Rabiee 

"Cost Justification of Capital Equipment Using “Economic Value Added” Analysis"
Dr. H. Fred Walker, CQE, CQA, CSIT

"A Progress Report on Y2K"
By Dr. Kenneth W. Hollman, Dr. Emily J. Norman Zietz, & Dr. Robert G. Colvard 

"Effect of Tool/Chip Contact Length on Orthogonal Turning Performance"
Mr. Luke H. Huang, Dr. Joseph C. Chen & Dr. Tao Chang

"NAIT Demographics Study - 1997"
Dr. Athula Kulatunga, Dr. Randall Shaw, & Dr. Mark Nelson   

"Maximizing Your Industrial Advisory Board"
Dr. John Allen Marshall 

"A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Applied and Traditional Mathematics Curriculum"
Dr. Stanley L. Lightner

"Key Characteristics of Industrial Technology Faculty: A National Survey of NAIT Accredited IT Programs"
Dr. Ahmad Zargari, CSIT & Dr. Charles E. Coddington


Volume 15, Number 1 - November 1998 to January 1999

"Electronics Manufacturing Company Hand Assembly Productivity Improvement"
Mr. Bill D. Bailey & Dr. Paul Cheng-Hsin Liu

"Unsuitable Job for a Woman? Women at Work, Status and Issues"
Dr. M.L. Bostic

"Plasma Surface Treatment In Composites Manufacturing"
Dr. Tao C. Chang

"The Industrial Front-Line Supervisor and Work Place Laws Related to Civil Rights"
Dr. Michael A. Hayden

"Surface Roughness Prediction Technique For CNC End-Milling"
Dr. Mike S. Lou, Dr. Joseph C. Chen & Dr. Caleb M. Li

"Competencies Identified as Important for 21st Century Plastering Contractors - A Rotational Delphi"
Dr. Joseph A. Scarcella & Dr. Rodney L. Custer

"A Study Conducted to Investigate the Feasibility of Recycling Commingled Plastics Fiber in Concrete"
Dr. Kenneth W. Stier & Dr. Gary D. Weede

"Applying Quality Engineering Technique to Improve Wastewater Treatment"
Dr. Chau-Chen Torng, Dr. Chao-Yu Chou & Dr. Hui-Rong Liu

"Downsizing Effects on Organizational Development Capabilities at an Electric Utility"
Jerry Wagner

"A Technology Systems Course: An Essential Component of General Education Curriculum"
Dr. Ahmad Zargari & Dr. Charles Patrick