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JIT (Feb 2002 – Dec 2009)
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Volume 25, Number 4 - October 2009 - December 2009

"Mapping of Superficial Residual Stresses in Machined Components"
Dr. John E. Wyatt & Dr. John T. Berry


Volume 25, Number 3 - July 2009 - September 2009

"Case Studies of Authentic Learning Tasks Method Applied in Industrial Technology"
Dr. P.N. Rao & Dr. Julie Z. Zhang

"Multiple CAD Formats in a Single Product Data Management System: A Case Study"
Ms. Karen M. Waldenmeyer & Dr. Nathan W. Hartman

"Trainers’ Perceptions of the Relative Importance of the Ten Topics Included in the American Society for Quality’s Six Sigma Black Belt Certification"
Dr. Bruce DeRuntz, PhD, CQE, CSSBB and Dr. Ron Meier, PhD, CQM/OE, PgMP

 "Faculty Compensation: Competitive (Market) Pay Survey Results of Midwestern United States Industrial Technology and Engineering Technology College and University Programs"
Dr. Jeffrey M. Ulmer, Dr. Scott Wilson, and Dr. John Sutton

"Monte Carlo Analysis of Real-Time Electricity Pricing for Industrial Loads"
Dr. Carl J. Spezia


Volume 25, Number 2 - April 2009 - June 2009

"Closed Loop Controlled AC-AC Converter for Induction Heating"
Mr. D. Kirubakaran & Dr. S. Rama Reddy


Volume 25, Number 1 - January 2009 - March 2009

"Research Publication Trends and Topics in the Journal of Industrial Technology"
Dr. Richard Gebken, Dr. Shawn Strong & Dr. Steven McCrary

"Assessment of Technology Graduate Students’ Learning Preference Styles Utilizing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator"
Dr. R. Lance Hogan

"Evaluation of the Safety Content in the National Association of Industrial Technology Certification Exam"
Dr. Steven A. Freeman, Dr. Dennis W. Field, Chandra W. Lott, & Dr. Charles V. Schwab

"Chinese Technology Management & Quality: A Brief Review of Status and Improvement Concerns in 2008"
Mr. William C. Schwagerman III & Dr. Jeff Ulmer


Volume 24, Number 4 - October 2008 - December 2008

"Developing Maximum Career Potential in Manufacturing Technology Curricula"
Dr. R. Neal Callahan, Dr. Martin Jones, and Mr. Rathel R. Smith

"Matching Military Occupations and Experience to Academic Preparation in Industrial Technology"
Dr. Robert A. Chin

"Online Instructor Evaluations: A Web-Based Application"
Mr. Ronald J. Glotzbach, Mr. Terry L. Burton & Ms. Betty Co

"A Case Study of a Project Course Developed to Close Competency Gaps in an Industrial Technology Program"
Dr. Sophia Scott and Dr. Greg Boyd 


Volume 24, Number 3 - July 2008 - September 2008

"Significant Effect of Microwave Curing on Tensile Strength of Carbon Fiber Composites"
Dr. Brian B. Balzer and Dr. Jeff McNabb

"Flexographic Plate Technology: Conventional Solvent Plates versus Digital Solvent Plates"
Dr. E. Dean Gilbert and Mr. Frederick Lee

"Program Evaluation: Utilizing Graduate and Employer Perception Data in Determining
Graduates’ Job Preparedness Levels"

Dr. Bonnie Higgins


Volume 24, Number 2 - April 2008 - June 2008

"Implementation of Multilevel Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drive"
Mr. G. Pandian and Dr. S. Rama Reddy

"An Exploratory Study to Identify a Common Managerial/Professional Core Curriculum for NAIT Baccalaureate Programs"
Dr. Ron Meier and Dr. Dan Brown

"A Preliminary Study on the State of AutoID"
Dr. Kenneth W. Stier


Volume 24, Number 1 - January 2008 - March 2008

"The Impact of Visualization Methodology on Spatial Problem Solutions Among High and Low Visual Achievers"
Dr. James L. Mohler


Volume 23, Number 4 - October 2007 - December 2007


"Analysis of Color Image Difference on the Monitor vs. Printer in a Color Managed Workfl ow (CMW)"
Dr. H. Naik Dharavath

"Gauge R&R: An Effective Methodology for Determining the Adequacy of a New Measurement System for Micron-level Metrology"
Dr. David W. Hoffa and Dr. Chad Laux 


"Team Performance and the Problem-Solving Approach"
Dr. Sophia Scott


Volume 23, Number 3 - July 2007 - September 2007

"The Use of PIC Microcontrollers in Multiple DC Motors Control Applications"
Dr. Steve C. Hsiung



Volume 23, Number 2 - April 2007 - June 2007

"Translating CCAF AAS Degree Programs"
Dr. Robert A. Chin

"The Relationship Between the Workpiece Extension Length/Diameter Ratio and Surface Roughness in Turning Applications"
Mr. John Cooper and Dr. Bruce DeRuntz

"Journey to a Flexible, Reliable Laboratory Platform for Simultaneous Control of Multiple Reactive Power Producing Devices"
Mr. Jason Foster

"Martempering to Improve Wear Properties of Aircraft Brake Steel Rotors"
Dr. Sudershan Jetley

"Service-Learning in an Introductory Course in Construction Management"
Dr. Steven W. McCrary, Dr. Dane Peterson & Dr. Shawn Strong

"Validation of Project Time Decision-support Tools and Processes"
Dr. Steven W. McCrary, Mr. David Leslie, Dr. Freddy L. Roberts, and Dr. Melvin R. Corley

"Challenges Facing U.S. Manufacturing and Strategies"
Dr. Ji Yao Shen, Dr. Derrek Dunn & Mr. Yun Shen


Volume 23, Number 1 - January 2007 - March 2007

"Reality-Based Construction Project Management: A Constraint-Based 4D Simulation Environment"
Dr. Borinara Park and Dr. Ronald Meier

"Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility Studies and Measurement System Analysis: A Multimethod Exploration of the State of Practice"
Mr. Rathel R. (Dick) Smith, Dr. Steven W. McCrary & Dr. R. Neal Callahan


Volume 22, Number 4 - October 2006 - December 2006

"Quality Model in Web-Based Distance Learning: A Case Study"
Mr. Terry Bilke, Ms. Jingqing Xia, Mr. Bill D. Bailey, Dr. Suhansa Rodchua & Dr. John Sinn

"Distance Education at Bowling Green State University: Challenges, Opportunities, and Promise"
Dr. Paul Cesarini, Dr. John W. Sinn and Mr. Terence Armentano

"Analysis of Newsprint Color Reproduction within the Newspaper Association of America Solid Ink Density and Color Gamut Standards"
Dr. H. Naik Dharavath


Volume 22, Number 3 - July 2006 - September 2006

"Reducing Student Writing Time and Instructor Grading Time of Laboratory Reports"
Dr. David Hoffa and Dr. Steven Freeman


Volume 22, Number 2 - April 2006 - June 2006

"Characterizing Productivity of a 4kw CO2 Laser Cutting System for 0.25” Mild Steel Using Central Composite Methodology"
Mr. Michael L. Cadorette and Dr. H. Fred Walker

"Improving the Knowledge Transfer Skills of Industrial Technology Students"
Dr. Kevin L. Devine


Volume 22, Number 1 - January 2006 - March 2006

"A BSC Framework for Air Cargo Terminal Design: Procedure and Case Study"
Mr. Chih-Hsien Chen and Dr. Shuo-Yan Chou


Volume 21, Number 4 - October 2005 - December 2005

"Teaching Kinematic Synthesis of Linkages Without Complex Mathematics"
Dr. Louis G. Reifschneider

"Linking TQM Culture to Traditional Learning Theories"
Dr. George R. Maughan & Ms. Tracey Anderson

"Industrial Technology Program Enhancement: The Importance of Strategic Planning"
Dr. Dan C. Brown & Dr. Ron Meier


Volume 21, Number 3 - July 2005 - September 2005

"Analysis of Print Attributes of Amplitude Modulated (AM) vs. Frequency Modulated (FM) Screening of Multicolor Offset Printing"
Dr. H. Naik Dharavath, Dr. Ted M. Bensen and Mr. Bhaskar Gaddam

"Telecommunication Systems Program Evaluation: A Survey of TCS Alumni on the Curriculum"
Dr. H. Naik Dharavath and Dr. Steve Schlough

"The House of Competitiveness: The Marriage of Agile Manufacturing, Design for Six Sigma, and Lean Manufacturing with Quality Considerations"
Ms. Jami Kovach, Ms. Paris Stringfellow, Ms. Jennifer Turner, and Dr. B. Rae Cho


Volume 21, Number 2 - April 2005 - June 2005

"Implementation of Program Assessment in a Technical Department"
Dr. Richard Boser and Dr. Kenneth W. Stier

"Challenges Ahead for Adobe’s Portable Document Format"
Dr. Paul Cesarini and Mr. Jason Mellen

"A Case Study of How to Incorporate Cross-functional Components in Industrial Technology Education: Safety Metrics in the Classroom"
Dr. John E. De Leon


Volume 21, Number 1 - January 2005 - March 2005

"Technology and Practice in a Historical Context: Building the Civil War Submarine Pioneer"
Dr. Roy Bonnette

"An Experimental Study of the Impact of Training on Faculty Concerns"
Dr. Rita L. Dobbs

"The Impact of ISO 9000 Certification on Quality Management Practices in Thailand"
Dr. Jai W. Hong and Mr. Satit Phitayawejwiwat

"Team Design Problem in Technology"
Dr. David S. Kelley 

"Using the Internet for an Accreditation Self-Study Portfolio"
Dr. Timothy R. Obermier

"A Relational Study of Wisconsin’s Water Operator Certification Program"
Mr. Fred S. Rice


Volume 20, Number 4 - September 2004 - December 2004

"Contextualizing Digital Rights Management: Past, Present, and Future"
Dr. Paul Cesarini

"A National Benchmark Study of Computer Technology Related Programs in Industrial Technology"
Dr. Dan Brown, Dr. Rodney L. Custer and Dr. Klaus Schmidt

"Development of an Accelerometer-Based Surface Roughness Prediction System in Turning Operations Using Multiple Regression Techniques"
Mr. E. Daniel Kirby, Ms. Zhe Zhang and Dr. Joseph C. Chen

"A Study of Quality Differences between Waterless and Conventional Litho Printing"
Dr. Devang P. Mehta

"A Code of Ethics for Industrial Technology?"
Dr. Larry D. Helsel 

"Outcomes Assessment across Multiple Accreditation Agencies"
Dr. Jon M. Duff

"A Pilot Study for Integrating Virtual Reality into an Introductory Design and Graphics Course"
Dr. Shana S-F Smith & Ms. Shu-Ling Lee 

"Quality Measurement and Good Practices in Web-Based Distance Learning: A Case Study of the Industrial Management Program at Central Missouri State University"
Dr. Ronald Woolsey and Ms. Suhansa Rodchua

"Understanding Six Sigma®: Implications for Industry and Education"
Mr. Sean P. Goffnett, CIT

"Enhancing Entry Level Skills in Quality Assurance: An Industry Perspective"
Dr. R. Neal Callahan, Dr. Scott J. Amos, & Dr. Shawn D. Strong

 "Testing a New Curriculum of Design for Manufacturability (DFM) in Technical Education"
Dr. Bernie P. Huang, Dr. Jacob Chen and Dr. Joseph C. Chen


Volume 20, Number 3 - June 2004 - August 2004

"A LabView Based Instrumentation System for a Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Station"
Dr. Recayi Pecen, Dr. MD Salim, & Mr. Ayhan Zora

"The Linkage of Partnership in American Automotive Industry Supply Chain Management"
Dr. Jai W. Hong & Mr. Chao-Wei Cheng

"Dimensional Metrology: A Perspective on Structure and Lab Integration"
Dr. Bruce Marsh and Dr. Mark Miller

"Graphic Communications Management (GCM) Program Assessment: A Survey of GCM Alumni on the Curriculum"
Dr. Ted Bensen and Dr. H. Naik Dharavath

"Identification of the Skills Needed by Workers in Various Segments of the Graphic Communications Industry"
Dr. H. Naik Dharavath

"Controlling Robot Through Internet Using Java"
Mr. Ravindra Thamma, Dr. Luke H. Huang, Dr. Shi-Jer Lou and Dr. C. Ray Diez


Volume 20, Number 2 - February 2004 - April 2004

"Testing a New Approach for Learning Teamwork Knowledge and Skills in Technical Education"
Dr. Joseph C. Chen and Dr. Jacob Chen

"Assessing the Professional Development Needs of the National Association of Industrial
Technology’s Industry Division Members"

Mr. Bruce DeRuntz and Dr. Ronald Meier

"A Model Curriculum for Computer Aided Design (CAD) Associate Degree Programs"
Dr. Xin-Ran Duan

"Women’s Voices are Missing from Technology"
Dr. Stephanie Nelson

"Integrating Computer and Technology Systems Networks in Industrial Technology Programs"
Mr. Awa Uma

WebDAV: A Web-Writing Protocol and More
Ms. Mary Ellen O’Shields and Dr. Philip J. Lunsford II

A Statistical Comparison of Three Root Cause Analysis Tools
Dr. Anthony Mark Doggett

"Supply Chain Management: Strategic Factors From The Buyers’ Perspective"
Dr. Ronald L. Meier, Dr. Michael R. Williams, and Mr. Rodger B. Singley


Volume 20, Number 1 - November 2003 - January 2004

"The Influence of Manufacturing Facility Demographics on Manufacturing Competencies in North Carolina"
Mr. Richard Temple

"When the Accreditation Board Says – “NO”: A Chronicle of the Reaccreditation Process"
Dr. James L. Toppen, East Carolina University

"Preparing to Meet Industry’s Demand for Dimensional Metrology Trained Industrial Technologists"
Mr. Bruce DeRuntz, MS, CQE, CSIT

"Computer Knowledge: Report from a Student Self Evaluation"
Dr. Charles Duvel and Dr. Sharon Pate

"Using Peer Assessments in Team Activities"
Dr. Steven A. Freeman and Dr. Michael J. Dyrenfurth

"The Future History of Industrial Technology"
Dr. Gordon Minty, Indiana State University

"The Accommodating Workplace: Making Room for Sensory Disable d Employees"
Mr. Fred S. Rice, Mr. Shoji Nakayama and Mr. David P. Heiser



Volume 19, Number 4 - August 2003 - October 2003

"Assessing the Benefits of Surface Tension Transfer® Welding to Industry"
Mr. Bruce D. DeRuntz

"The Importance of Student Organizations"
Dr. James R. Owens

"Teaching Lean Manufacturing Concepts through Project-Based Learning and Simulation"
Dr. Kenneth W. Stier

"Energy and Power Technology: A Perspective for the 21st Century"
Dr. Bruce Marsh

"Assessing the Value of Short Term International Experience for Industrial Technology Educators"
Mr. Bruce D. DeRuntz

"From Critical Success Factors into Criteria for Performance Excellence – An Organizational Change Strategy"
Mr. Donald Chrusciel & Dr. Dennis W. Field 


Volume 19, Number 3 - May 2003 - July 2003

"Trends in Online Education: Case Study at Southwest Missouri State University"
Dr. Lesta A. Burgess and Dr. Shawn D. Strong 

"Effective Assessment: A Model for Industrial Technology Programs"
Dr. Shawn Strong, Dr. Scott J. Amos and Dr. Neal R. Callahan

"Construction Careers Connection"
Mr. John W. Searles and Dr. James R. Owens 


Volume 19, Number 2 - February 2003 - April 2003

"Determining if Destructive Testing Can Be Reduced by Using Pre-Yield Strength Data in Analysis of Composite Reinforced Automotive Hood Assemblies"
Mr. Mike Bishop, Dr. Todd C. Waggoner & Dr. Edward C. Kennedy III

"Importance of Technical Competencies in the Graphic Communications Technology
Curriculum as Perceived by the Graphic Communications Industry and Educators"

Dr. H. Naik Dharavath

"A Reading List for Establishing a Base of Knowledge for Technology Management: A Delphi Study"
Dr. Jeff McNabb

"An Investigation of the Perceived Financial Performance of Commercial Printing Firms for
Conducting B2C Activities Using Web Technology"

Dr. Devang P. Mehta

"The Implementation of Recycled Thermoset Composites in Thermoforming Molds"
Dr. Dru M. Wilson

"An Integrated Framework for Assembly-Oriented Product Design and Optimization"
Dr. Qiang Su and Dr. Shana Shiang-Fong Smith


Volume 19, Number 1 - November 2002 - January 2003

"Passive Solar Lighting Using Fiber Optics"
Dr. William Grisé & Dr. Charles Patrick

"The Status of Industrial Interaction/Outreach in Industrial Technology"
Dr. Randall Shaw & Dr. Craig Downing

"Who Moved My ERP Solution?"
Dr. Matthew P. Stephens & Mr. Hugo X. Ramos 

"A Method for Evaluating Expert System Shells for Classroom Instruction"
Dr. MD Salim, Mr. Alvaro Villavicencio, & Dr. Marc A. Timmerman

Volume 18, Number 4 - August 2002 - October 2002

"Interaction Graphs For A Two-Level Combined Array Experiment Design"
Dr. M.L. Aggarwal, Dr. B.C. Gupta, Dr. S. Roy Chaudhury & Dr. H. F. Walker

Volume 18, Number 3 - May 2002 - July 2002

"Implementing IP Services at the Network Edge – Book Review"
Mr. David A. Rosenthal, MPA

"Classifying Colored Bar Codes to Predict Scanning Success"
Dr. Mathias J. Sutton, CSIT

"Recycled Foam and Cement Composites in Insulating Concrete Forms"
Dr. Richard Boser, Mr. Tory Ragsdale, and Dr. Charles Duvel

"A Comparison of Selected Categories of Accreditation Standards of NAIT, TEC-ABET and AACSB"
Dr. C. Douglas Ward and Dr. John Dugger


Volume 18, Number 2 - February 2002 - April 2002

"Technology, Economics, and Politics"
Dr. Gene Strandberg

"Artificial Intelligence and the Internet: An Integral Part of the Factory of the Future"
Marla P. Rogers

"Integrating the Thinking Process into the Product Design Chain"
Mr. Chang Lin Yang, Dr. Tsung Shin Hsu, and Dr. Chung Yaw Ching

"Cryptography Decrypted – Book Review"
David A. Rosenthal, MPA

"The Web-Enhanced Classroom"
Dr. Klaus Schmidt

"Transforming Leadership: An Assessment Tool"
Dr. Jule D. Scarborough

"Investigating Electrical Noise Signals in Metal Thin Films with Different Geometry"
Dr. Gholam H. Massiha & Mr. Kuldeep S. Rawat

"A Consolidated Approach to Productivity Assessment"
Dr. Bruce Marsh