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Volume 35, Number 3
July through September 2019

An Investigation on In-Process SPC Sampling Frequency for a Shaft Bearing Turning Process
Dr. Julie Zhang, Dr. Daniel Bumblauskas, Mr. Chad Jiaxu Chu and Dr. Ali Kashef


Volume 35, Number 2
April through June 2019

Use of Exploratory Factor Analysis to Identify Factors Influencing Safety Climate in Two Work Environments

Dr. Jon L.P. Judge, Dr. Gretchen A. Mosher and Dr. Stephen Simpson

A Body-of-Knowledge Builder: Does a carefully designed statistics course enable college students with below-standard ACT Math college readiness scores to significantly increase their earned descriptive statistics assignment grades?”

Dr. Jeffrey M. Ulmer, Ph.D

Student Motivation: Do Midterm Grade Notifications Motivate Students to Earn Higher Final Course Scores?

Dr. Jeffrey M. Ulmer, Ph.D, Dr. Troy Ollison and Professor Joseph Long


Volume 35, Number 1
January through March 2019

"Self-Regulated Learning Pedagogy for Teaching Applied Engineering and Technology Class"
Dr.Mohammed Ali


Volume 34, Number 3
October through December 2018

"Students' Perception of Learning Experience of Risk Management for Nano-Scaled Materials"
Dr. Dominick E. Fazarro and Dr. Christie M. Sayes


Volume 34, Number 2
July through September 2018

"Cost Analysis of Railroad Grade Crossing Projects Performed by Railroad Organizations in New York State"
Dr. Musibau Shofoluwe and Dr. Osileke Osipitan


Volume 34, Number 1
January through March 2018

"IPv6 Diffusion on the Internet Reaches a Critical Point"
Mr. John Pickard, Dr. Mark Angolia and Dr. Te-Shun Chou


Volume 33, Number 3
July through September 2017

"An Expert System Approach for Selecting a Multitasking CNC Machining Center"
Dr. Manocher Djassemi

"Lean Adoption in a Small and Medium Enterprise: Model Validation"
Kimberly Deranek, Dr. Shweta Chopra and Dr. Gretchen A. Mosher


 Volume 33, Number 2
April through June 2017

"Material Topics in Engineering and Technical Programs"
Dr. Michael Hayden and Dr. Randy Peters

"Comparing Process Technology Education and Work Experience"
Mr. Glenn E. Johnson and Dr. Robert A. Bartsch

"An Assessment of Millennial Generation Customer Satisfaction in the Industrial Business-to-Business Market Sector"
Dr. Rod Flanigan, Dr. Gregory Benson and Mr. Dale Porter

Volume 33, Number 1
January through March 2017

"Comparison and Analysis of Flexibility for Cutlery Made from Biobased/ Biodegradable and Petrochemical Materials"
Mr. Brian John Demmer, Mr. Steve Devlin, Mr. W. Robert Stephenson and Mr. David Grewell

"Evaluation of Career Readiness at an Industrial Technology Program Using a Fuzzy Approach"
Dr. Ahmed Deif, Mr. Cameron Stark, Ms. Kathryn Butler and Dr. Eric Olsen

"A Meta-analysis of the Effect of Industry Engagement on Student Learning in Undergraduate Programs"      Mr. Caleb Burns and Dr. Shweta Chopra


Volume 32, Number 3
October through December 2016

"Success of Team Problem-solving Constructed with Problem-solving Approach"
Dr. Sophia Scott and Ms. Belinda McMurry


Volume 32, Number 2
October through December 2016

"Preparing Undergraduates for Project Management on the Manufacturing Shop Floor"
Dr. Mark Angolia and Dr. April H. Reed


Volume 32, Number 1
April through June 2016

"Cost Item-based Markup Distribution in Construction Projects"
Dr. Euysup Shim and Dr. Seong-Jin Kim


Volume 31, Number 5
October through December 2015

"Exploring Regression Models for Forecasting Early Cost Estimates for High-Rise Buildings"
Dr. Andrea Nana Ofori-Boadu

Volume 31, Number 4

July through September 2015

"Applying Lean Principles to Mitigate the “July Effect”: Addressing Challenges Associated with Cohort Turnover in Teaching Hospitals"
Dr. Shweta Chopra and Ms. Manasa Kondapalli

Volume 31, Number 3
July through September 2015

"The ATMAE Lean Six Sigma Certification Exam: Why it Matters to You?"
Dr. Heshium Lawrence and Dr. Mark R. Miller

Volume 31, Number 2
April through June 2015

"Preparing Professional Writers via Technologically Enhanced Feedback:  Results of a One Year Study"
Dr. Carolyn Kusbit Dunn


Volume 31, Number 1
January through March 2015 

January JTMAE Special Edition
"Faculty Professional Development for the Next- Generation Reconfigurable Electronics Workforce"
Dr. Nasser Alaraje, Dr. Aleksandr Sergeyev, Dr. John Reutter, Mr. Craig Kief and Mr. Bassam Matar

"Linking Technology Education in Rural Schools in North Central Idaho to Manufacturing"
Dr. Raymond A. Dixon and Dr. Linda Stricklin 

"LSS Green Belt Projects Planned versus Actual Duration"
Dr. Chad Laux, Dr. Mary Johnson and Mr. Paul Cada

"Evaluating Students' Perceptions for the Ethics Module Content in Nanotechnology Safety: Meeting the Needs for Post-Secondary Students in STEM Area"
Dr. Dominick E. Fazarro, Dr. Jitendra S. Tate, Dr. Walt Trybula, Dr. Craig Hanks, Dr. Robert McLean, Mr. Satyajit Dutta and Mr. Adam Mokhtari

"Lean ManufacturingTools In Job Shop, Batch Shop and Assembly Line Manufacturing Settings"
Dr. Daniela Todorova and Dr. John Dugger


Volume 30, Number 3
July through September 2014

"Extending the A3: A Study of Kaizen and Problem Solving"
Dr. Eric O. Olsen, Dr. Darren Kraker and Ms. Jessie White


Volume 30, Number 2
April through June 2014

"Holistic Student Professional Development and Assessment: A Backward Design Approach"
Dr. Jacqulyn A. Baughman, Dr. Thomas J. Brumm and Dr. Steven K. Mickelson

"The Importance of Social Presence and Motivation in Distance Learning"
Dr. Cathy A. Robb and Dr. John Sutton

"Why Do So Few Female Students Select Industrial Distribution as Their Academic Major"
Dr.Gregory E. Benson


Volume 30, Number 1
January through March 2014

"Lean Adoption in Small Manufacturing Shops: Attributes and Challenges"                                                  Dr. Manocher Djassemi

"The Relationship between Compensation and Selected Dimensions of Employee Engagement in a Mid-Sized Engineering Services Firm"
Dr. Preetinder S. Gill, Dr. John Dugger, & Mr. Frank Norton


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