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Volume 36, Number 3

July through September 2020

Next Generation Mobile Wireless Networks: 5G Cellular Infrastructure

Dr. Rendong Bai, Dr. Vigs Chandra, Dr. Ray Richardson and Dr. Peter Liu

Evaluating the Transition for Self-Managed Teams through Analysis of Roles in Agile Product Development Process in a Technology-Based Startup

Gustavo de Souza, Isotilia Costa Melo and Daniel Capaldo Amaral

Volume 36, Number 2

April through June 2020

Analysis of Engineering and Engineering Technology Student Strength Patterns Using StrengthsFinder

Dr. Saxon J. Ryan, Dr. Gretchen A. Mosher and Dr. Steven A. Freeman

Educational Mobile Laboratory Unit Implementation to Study and Research Industrial Control System Vulnerabilities to Cyber Attacks

Dr. Faruk Yildiz, Dr. Reg Pecen and Dr. Ulan Dakeev

Modeling Employees Behavior Intention with the Adoption of a Suggestion System for Lean Initiatives

Dr. Shweta Chopra and Jayaruwani Fernando

Volume 36, Number 1

January through March 2020

Best Practices in Advising Engineering Technology Students for Retention and Persistence to Graduation

Dr. Mohammad Moin Uddin

Is the Engineering Technology Profession Ready for a Name Change to Applied Engineering?

Dr. John R. Wright, Jr., Dr. Walter W. Buchanan, and Joseph Robert Wright

Dealing with Complex Systems: Some Educational Issues

Dr. Walter W. Buchanan

Volume 35, Number 4

October through December 2019

A Method for Investigating Sense of Community in Construction Management Programs

Dr. Aaron Sauer, Dr. Richard J. Gebken, and Dr. Richard N. Callahan

A Framework for Integrating Sustainability Themes into Global Value Chain Coursework of an Industrial Technology Management Program

Jeanne-Marie Lawrence

Volume 35, Number 3

July through September 2019

An Investigation on In-Process SPC Sampling Frequency for a Shaft Bearing Turning Process

Dr. Julie Zhang, Dr. Daniel Bumblauskas, Mr. Chad Jiaxu Chu and Dr. Ali Kashef

Volume 35, Number 2

April through June 2019

Use of Exploratory Factor Analysis to Identify Factors Influencing Safety Climate in Two Work Environments

Dr. Jon L.P. Judge, Dr. Gretchen A. Mosher and Dr. Stephen Simpson

A Body-of-Knowledge Builder: Does a carefully designed statistics course enable college students with below-standard ACT Math college readiness scores to significantly increase their earned descriptive statistics assignment grades?”

Dr. Jeffrey M. Ulmer, Ph.D

Student Motivation: Do Midterm Grade Notifications Motivate Students to Earn Higher Final Course Scores? 

Dr. Jeffrey M. Ulmer, Ph.D, Dr. Troy Ollison and Professor Joseph Long

Volume 35, Number 1

January through March 2019

Self-Regulated Learning Pedagogy for Teaching Applied Engineering and Technology Class

Dr. Mohammed Ali

Volume 34, Number 3

October through December 2018

Students' Perception of Learning Experience of Risk Management for Nano-Scaled Materials

Dr. Dominick E. Fazarro and Dr. Christie M. Sayes

Volume 34, Number 2

July through September 2018

Cost Analysis of Railroad Grade Crossing Projects Performed by Railroad Organizations in New York State

Dr. Musibau Shofoluwe and Dr. Osileke Osipitan

Volume 34, Number 1

January through March 2018

IPv6 Diffusion on the Internet Reaches a Critical Point

Mr. John Pickard, Dr. Mark Angolia and Dr. Te-Shun Chou

Volume 33, Number 3

July through September 2017

An Expert System Approach for Selecting a Multitasking CNC Machining Center

Dr. Manocher Djassemi

Lean Adoption in a Small and Medium Enterprise: Model Validation

Kimberly Deranek, Dr. Shweta Chopra and Dr. Gretchen A. Mosher

Material Topics in Engineering and Technical Programs

Dr. Michael Hayden and Dr. Randy Peters

Comparing Process Technology Education and Work Experience

Mr. Glenn E. Johnson and Dr. Robert A. Bartsch

An Assessment of Millennial Generation Customer Satisfaction in the Industrial Business-to-Business Market Sector

Dr. Rod Flanigan, Dr. Gregory Benson and Mr. Dale Porter

Comparison and Analysis of Flexibility for Cutlery Made from Biobased/ Biodegradable and Petrochemical Materials

Mr. Brian John Demmer, Mr. Steve Devlin, Mr. W. Robert Stephenson and Mr. David Grewell

Evaluation of Career Readiness at an Industrial Technology Program Using a Fuzzy Approach

Dr. Ahmed Deif, Mr. Cameron Stark, Ms. Kathryn Butler and Dr. Eric Olsen

A Meta-analysis of the Effect of Industry Engagement on Student Learning in Undergraduate Programs

Mr. Caleb Burns and Dr. Shweta Chopra

Volume 32, Number 3

October through December 2016

Success of Team Problem-solving Constructed with Problem-solving Approach

Dr. Sophia Scott and Ms. Belinda McMurry

Volume 32, Number 2

October through December 2016

Preparing Undergraduates for Project Management on the Manufacturing Shop Floor

Dr. Mark Angolia and Dr. April H. Reed

Volume 32, Number 1

April through June 2016

Cost Item-based Markup Distribution in Construction Projects

Dr. Euysup Shim and Dr. Seong-Jin Kim


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