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JTMAE Board & Edit. Panel

JTMAE Board & Editorial Panel



Pursuant to the JTMAE Bylaws, the ATMAE Executive Board appoints the Chair of the JTMAE Board; the remainder of the JTMAE Board and the members of the Editorial Panel are appointed by the JTMAE Board.


JTMAE Board 2017-2018


Dr. Gretchen Mosher

Iowa State University

Dr. Carolyn Dunn

Vice Chair 2015-2018
 East Carolina University
Dr. Marion Schafer 
  2017-2019 Indiana State University

Mr. Chad Dolphin

Student Representative
Iowa State University

JTMAE Editorial Panel 2017-2018

 Dr. Randell Peters
Chief Editor  2018-2020 Indiana State University
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed
 Associate Editor 2017-2019 Indiana State University

Karen Miles

Journal Administrator
ATMAE Office


Click Here for the Bylaws of the Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering Board:

The initial bylaws of the new Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering Board were approved by the NAIT Executive Board in November 2005 (NAIT was renamed ATMAE in 2009), the result of the efforts of the Journal Steering Committee appointed by NAIT's Executive Board in November 2003 to recommend changes to further professionalize and upgrade the journal. The bylaws include a governing structure for an independent journal board, and sections dealing with an editorial panel, referees, topical guidelines, and information on the review process. The journal Bylaws were revised in November 2010 for consistency with the transition to ATMAE, and again in November 2011 as the name of the journal was changed to The Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (JTMAE). 

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