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MFC Program

MEMS-Microelectro Mechanical Systems Foundation Certification (MFC)

The New MEMS Foundation Certification (MFC) program is designed to serve students from 2-Year, 4-Year, and advanced secondary programs. The exam is broad-based, and covers foundational topics related to the background, theory, and skills involved in microsystems fabrication. The exam is geared to individuals who have completed the nine MEMS Foundations online short courses offered free by the Support Center for Microsystems Education (SCME). These courses include:

1.     Introduction to Sensors

2.     Introduction to Transducers

3.     Introduction to Actuators

4.     Career Pathways for Microtechnology

5.     Units of Weights and Measures

6.     A Comparison of Scale

7.     Introduction to Statistical Process Control for Microtechnology

8.     Problem Solving for Microtechnology

9.     History of MEMS


About the MFC Exam

The MFC Exam can be used for individual certification and for program assessment. The exam is an *open-book, 90-question, multiple choice examination designed for individuals who have completed the nine SCME MEMS Foundations short online courses. The questions fall into 9 main content areas, as covered in the SCME MEMS foundation online courses. (*Examinees are allowed to use printed reference materials (e.g., reference texts) during the exam. However, internet or software-based references are not allowed to be used during the exam. Oversight of this is the responsibility of the exam proctor.) Passage of the exam is determined by a cumulative score on the examination.


Click here to access the Support Center for Microsystems Education (SCME) MEMS Foundations online courses. There are no charges for the online courses.



Individuals: Click here to sign up for the test as an individual (if you are taking the test as part of a class assessment, speak to your professor for log-in information). Exam fee is $25 per exam.


Schedule a group of individual exams:

Less than 15 Examinees; Exam fee is $25 per examinee -- Click here  

16-45 Examinees; Exam fee is $20 per examinee  -- Click here

46 or more Examinees; Exam fee is $15 per examinee -- Click Here

APPLY FOR YOUR CERTIFICATION (after passing your exam):

Certification Fees and Policies

Certification Frequently Asked Questions

Professionals - Click here to apply for the MFC Certification
Students - Click here to apply for the MFC Certification


Please contact the ATMAE office with questions at ( 919) 635-8335;