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ATMAE Online Community Features How To
ATMAE Online Community Features How To...


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Website Features Overview
There are many features on our website which includes a members-only online community that allows networking, sharing ideas, uploading of individual and group documents, and connecting online with other members. Below are a list of helpful directions and pointers for navigating the members-only features available on ATMAE’s website. 

Renew Membership
It's quick and easy to renew your membership with ATMAE. Click Here to Renew.  Please note: If you click the "Bill Me" option during payment processing, your membership is NOT be renewed until payment has been received. ATMAE does not keep member credit card information on file.

Forgot Username or Password
To reset your password, Click Here and click the link under "Forgot your Password?".

Join and Manage My Groups
If you are a member of ATMAE, you can become a member of a Group. There are several ATMAE special interest Groups that you may be a member of including Construction, Nano Technology, Industry, Manufacturing, the ATMAE robotics competition, women in technology, student groups, and many more! You will have access to the Group Member Directory, files, photos, calendars, Group Forum, Discussion Blogs and other features within each Group.

To join a Group, sign into your membership account. On your Manage Profile page, click 'Groups' in your My Profile orange box on the right of your screen. This will display all the various categories of groups. By clicking a category, you will see the available specialty groups. Some of these groups are private and/or require administrator approval to join.

To manage your Groups, select Manage Profile from the right navigation menu and then select Groups or simply select Groups from the right navigation menu. You may set a number of Preferences regarding your Group settings. You can select to receive updates when events are added, a new member joins and more. You can edit your Group settings in Preferences. You can also access your Groups from the quick links on the right side of the page.


Refer a Friend to Join as a Member
Your member referrals are important to us! To refer a friend to ATMAE, log into membership profile and click ‘Refer a Friend’ in the Orange Box on the right side of your screen or scroll down and click the ‘Referrals’ link under the ‘Community’ Section of your Profile. Then, click the refer a friend icon in the top left. Just enter friends’ email addresses and a short message and click ‘Send’.

Customize Email Preferences / Manage Profile Settings and Contact Information
When you log into the website, you will be on the Manage Profile page. On the right side of the page in the orange box are quick links to access the community features on the website that are also accessible on the Manage Profile Page.

Once you are logged into your member portal, please take a moment to update your information under Information & Settings, click on Edit Bio. Please make sure your bio is always up to date by reviewing the information upon membership renewal and at other times throughout the year.

You can now control the privacy for all of your data. We set the default to visible, so when you are in Edit Bio, select what is private, members only or public. To change the privacy settings on your data, just click on the "lock" icon to the left of the data field and select the desired privacy level. You may choose, for example, to have your email available to the public, but keep your phone number available to Members Only. To see what your profile looks like to other members, click ‘Public Profile’ in the orange, My Profile box. Customize your Communications and Opt Out Options by going to Manage Profile under Information & Settings and click Preferences. Please note that some of the fields will automatically be locked if they are administrative fields only. This data will never be seen by the public or by other members. If you're unable to change the setting, it is likely an administrative field.

Member Profile Home Page
When you log in to the ATMAE website, you will land on your Member Profile Home page. On the main Profile Home page you'll see your Feeds, Wall, Bio and photo, should you choose to upload one. On the right side in the orange box of the Member Profile page are quick links to get you to various components in your Member Profile. Below is information about each of these components. 

Photo – you can upload your photo by clicking on the Photo box and selecting Add Photo.
Wall – Similar to Facebook, you or others can write on or post to your Wall.
Bio – Your Bio is essentially the information you provided on your member application or during membership renewal. This section shows the information you have chosen to share with other members when they search your name in the Member Directory. You can manage the settings for each of the above items in your Member Profile by selecting Preferences. You can determine who will see this information on your Member Profile Home page by selecting to make them viewable to the public, members only, or only to you and system administrators.


Upload Your Resume

  • Profile Home
  • Scroll down to Networking and Careers and click, ‘Resumes and CV’
  • Here is where you can describe your academic and work experience, education and skills, and desired position. You can also upload your resume or CV and set privacy setting to control who sees this information 


Information & Settings
Edit Bio – This is where you update your data and set your Privacy Settings to determine what information is available to the public, members only or administrators only when someone searches your name in the Member Directory. You may change these Privacy Settings by clicking on the lock icon next to the field. There are three choices: Public (Visible to Everyone), Members Only (Visible Only to Members) and Private (Not Visible in Profile).

Privacy Setting Note - You can check your privacy settings by clicking on Public Profile on the right side of the page to see what information the Public can see when they view your Member Profile.

Preferences – You can customize your Member Profile settings for various website features (Community, Favorites, Groups, Messaging, Profile and Wall). You can turn notifications and messages on or off, and subscribe to newsletters from the Forum and your Groups.

How Do I Manage My Preferences?
You can manage your Preferences in the Preferences section of the Manage Profile area. This is where you'll determine what types of notifications and emails you'll receive for various types of events or processes.

I am not Receiving Email from ATMAE
Please check spam and add ATMAE to your list of accepted email addresses. You will receive at least one email per month from our domain – Make sure this domain is on your safe sender list to receive our communication. Contact ATMAE at if you have any questions.

Invoicing, Payments & History
Invoices – You can view current and process invoices as well as pay open invoices online in this section. You may also print receipts for your purchases.

Membership – You can view your membership status and renew your membership in this section.

Event Registrations - Any events that you have registered for including Workshops, Conferences, etc. will show up in your Event Registrations area.

Content & Features
Files and Links – Upload files and create links in your file library. You can save files and links to your Member Profile and manage them in this section. You may want to save something from the File Library or a document from the website or anywhere.

To add a file or link:

  • Click on the Files and Links quick link on the right side of the page or in your Manage Profile section.
  • Click on Manage Files and Links link at the top.
  • Click on Add a New Item link at the top.
You can now define if the new item is a link or a file, name the file/link, determine if you want it to be private for your own use or make it public for other members to see/access, add a description of the item, and then use "Browse" to upload the item.




Access Files and Links
Click on the Files and Links in your quick links on the right side of the page to access this area or in Manage Profile. Your Files and Links are also accessible in the button at the top of your Member Home page. You will see a listing of all of your files and links. Click on Manage Files and Links and you can open the files and links, edit and delete them.


Photo Gallery – Post photos, manage albums, update captions and view and share photos. Before adding photos, you first need to create a new Album. Click on Photo Gallery in the Manage Profile page or by clicking on the   button at the top of the Profile Home page.

Select Manage Albums

Name your new Album

Click on View Albums

Click on your new Album

Use the Browse feature to select the photo to upload.

Click on the small icon next to Browse that looks like a computer with a yellow arrow above it to upload.

Determine if you will allow comments by your connections or no comments.

Determine if you will allow the picture to be seen by Members Only or the Public.



Access Photos
You can access and manage your Photos on your Profile Home page or by clicking on the button at the top to access your Photos.

Community - Social Link (click here for overview video on how to use Social Link)
The Community area is where you will interact with other members. Within the Community, you will be able to message other members, join groups and make connections. To access the Community, log in and select Manage Profile.



The ATMAE website has its own online messaging system. You can send and receive messages to/from other members and Groups you are a member of. You can edit your Messaging settings in Preferences. You can also access Messages from the quick links on the right side of the page.

To view your inbox, select Manage Profile from the right navigation menu and then select Messaging or simply select Messages from the right navigation menu.

Your inbox will show all received and sent messages and will allow you to send messages to your connections or other members. Click on the hyperlinks (Your Inbox, Sent Messages, Message a Member) to open your inbox or send a message.


Sending an Email


My Preferences
To make sure you know when messages are sent to you, set your Preferences to email you when a new message arrives in Your Inbox.



Creating Blogs

Creating Your Own Blog - You can create your own Blog or follow the Blogs of other members or Groups that you are a member of. To create your own Blog, click on your Manage Profile page, and then scroll down to Content & Features and select Blogs. Name your Blog and determine who is allowed to comment, if you'll allow Voting (which is like rating with a Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down) and Scores (scores are a star rating system based on the number of Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down Votes the post receives) on posts, and if you'll allow Voting and Scores on Comments. Add a short description of your blog. Click Submit.

Creating a Blog within a Group - To create a Blog within a Group you are a member of, Select Groups in the My Profile orange box. Once you are in the appropriate Group, click the green plus Directory and Features. Click the appropriate Blog name and click, add new post.

If you would like to follow another member's blog or receive notifications on comments received on your own Blogs, you need to Subscribe to the Blog. Just select the Blog that you'd like to Subscribe to and click the green check mark at the top of the Blog that says Subscribe.

Once you are Subscribed, you can determine if you'd like to receive notifications on new comments and activity in the Blog. As a subscriber, you will receive email notification of any activity, including each new post. You may choose to be notified of new comments as well by clicking on the red conversation bubble in the options column. Conversely, clicking on a green conversation bubble will stop notifications generated by comments. Clicking on the red circle with an X on it will "unsubscribe” you from that blog altogether

You can modify your Subscriptions to Blogs anytime by selecting the Manage Subscriptions link found at the top of your Blogs. You can easily Unsubscribe from a Blog at the top of the Blog as well.


Professional Development

View/Print Certificates or Upload my PDUs for Senior Certification

Senior Certified ATMAE Members can now electronically upload and monitor their PDU collection. Member will also be able to view and print certificates by clicking in the Certification/Programs tab under Professional Development. All PDU activity will be automatically monitored and approved by ATMAE. You will be notified via email when each PDU activity have been approved. As soon your certification period has been satisfied, the member will receive an email confirming approval and ATMAE will update your new certification period expiration.

  • Log in to member account, click Manage Profile in orange box on the right side, and scroll down to Professional Development.
  • Click "Add entry". Journal Entry Box will pop up with a series of questions.

Answer these questions as follows:

  • Is this entry for a Certificate or Program? * - Yes
  • Certificate Program* - Choose the appropriate senior certification
  • Credit Type * - will auto populate with ‘PDU’
  • Entry Date – Auto populates
  • Description – activity and detail of PDUs
  • Credits – number of PDUs approved for activity
  • Credits Expire – certificate expiration date. Members can retrieve this from your bio information on your Membership Profile. Click Public Profile. Then click Bio tab.
  • Attachment –proof of completion of activity.
  • Click submit. 
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