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Membership FAQs
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What are the types of ATMAE Membership? What are the annual dues?

Below are the Membership classes (with annual fees):

  • Student ($25)
  •  Professional Academic ($100)
  • Professional Industry ($100)
  • Retired ($25) contact the ATMAE Office for more details

Please visit the ATMAE Membership page for member programs and benefits. 


I am a graduate student pursuing my Ph.D. Am I eligible for a Student membership?  
Yes, as long as you are not serving as a full-time faculty member at your institution.


My budget is tight and I can’t afford my ATMAE dues this year? Can they be waived?  
Sorry, but we cannot waive your annual dues. Our budget is tight also and our dues are very reasonable in comparison to other professional associations. You can always reinstate your ATMAE membership when you are ready.


I have been an ATMAE Student member, graduated, and have received my dues renewal notice for $25 student dues. Do I need to pay $100 professional dues?
No, you can go ahead and pay the $25 student rate – as an introductory rate as a professional member of ATMAE. After you pay your dues, we’ll update your record to a professional membership and the next year your dues notice will be for $100.


I am pursuing my Ph.D. while serving on the faculty of an Industrial Technology program. Can I just pay Student membership dues?
No, if you are serving on the faculty, you are a professional and must pay ATMAE professional member dues.


I’m ATMAE Certified – do I still have to pay the annual membership dues?
Yes, to maintain your ATMAE Certification, you have to pay your membership dues and your annual certification renewal fee.


I noticed that the information on my invoice is incorrect. How do I get that corrected?
Just contact ATMAE by phone (919) 635-8335 or and give us all of the correct information. We are dependent on you for accurate database information. Our members are the last step in the ATMAE membership database quality process. We really appreciate it when you help us fix database errors.


Does ATMAE sell or release individual membership information to outside organizations?
Your privacy is important to us, and except for a few limited reasons, we do not release our membership information to third parties. We do allow ATMAE members to request contact information for other ATMAE members, which they may use for research or recruitment purposes. We provide conference exhibitors with attendee information for a preconference or postconference mailing. Other than that, we do not release individual membership information.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us at