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Policies & Standards
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Policies & Standards


Click here for the Accreditation Program Policies and Procedures (pdf)



The inclusion of outcomes assessment as part of accreditation is mandated by CHEA and is the cornerstone of ATMAE accreditation. Applications for ATMAE accreditation of technology, management and applied engineering programs must demonstrate that institutions have plans in place for assessing educational outcomes. These plans must show evidence that the results of those assessments have led to the improvement of teaching and learning processes, and improved preparation of program graduates to enter professional positions upon graduation. Accrediting bodies, including ATMAE, are revising standards for accreditation that move away from "input” models that prescribe courses, credit hours, etc., and instead examine the "output” that has been validated by advisory committees and program graduates, and which can be demonstrated by students. ATMAE accreditation presently gives consideration to both qualitative and quantitative criteria as set forth in the ATMAE Accreditation Handbook.

Departments can petition ATMAE requesting that one or more of their programs or concentrations be considered for ATMAE accreditation. Applications for initial accreditation and reaccreditation must be submitted by October 1 for the following year's review cycle (March 1 - May 1). Training sessions and workshops are offered at the ATMAE Annual Conference in the fall to review the accreditation process and to help plan for on-site visits by program evaluators. Guidance on the preparation of the self-study report can be found in Section A of the ATMAE 2017 Accreditation Handbook. Once an application is received and eligibility is determined, the institution conducts an internal evaluation and generates a self-study report that is due by February 1. Site visits are scheduled to take place between March 1 and May 1. The initial accreditation process takes over a year, as illustrated by this general timeline:

October 1 (or prior)

Institution makes a formal request for ATMAE accreditation of program(s)


Training workshops are offered at the ATMAE Annual Conference


ATMAE Accreditation Handbook issued to institution program contacts


Preparation of site visit schedule

February 1

Earliest deadline for self-study reports and institutional materials

March – May

Site visits conducted by program evaluation teams


Board of Accreditation Hearings are held; institutions notified of decisions


The Accreditation Personnel Committee recommends, for the Board of Accreditation’s approval, a list of ATMAE-trained experts to assist with the preparation of accreditation applications and to conduct readiness reviews on a consulting basis. The use of consultants does not guarantee that accreditation will be achieved. The list of approved consultants is maintained at the ATMAE Accreditation Office, please contact the office for the current list of consultants. 

All new requests and reaccreditations for accreditation in 2018 will follow the 2017 Accreditation Handbook, all new requests and reaccreditations for accreditation starting in 2019 will follow the 2019 Accreditation Handbook. 

To view all the handbooks and documents, please visit our Documents, Forms & Resources page.