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Professional Industry Membership
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ATMAE is making a commitment to our Industry members. We believe that in order for ATMAE to continue to be a force in bringing educated young men and women into the fields of technology and applied engineering we must have regular and direct input from the industries we serve. Industry is telling us and others that they need more educated workforce!

Being a member in our 501c3 is much more than just a tax deduction. ATMAE has been committed for over 50 years to providing industry with an educated workforce. Active participation can have real value to your company.

Hiring Millennials and Gen Z

With over a 1000 members representing community colleges; universities; their faculty; and students, we have the ability to reach potential future workers in a way that is especially focused on the next generation of worker. These are not ordinary students – these are students demonstrating a commitment to their studies in a way no ordinary student does – they are involved, often certified in a specific field and can actually demonstrate first hand their abilities in the ATMAE sponsored student competitions.

You can demonstrate that you are no ordinary employer too! The last six years of Deloitte studies have highlighted that millennials, and Gen Z are choosing companies, in part, because of its sense of purpose in society. You can identify that shared sense of purpose within ATMAE. Hiring someone for a robotics, industrial automation, EE or control technology position? Come no further than to our annual conference where over a 100 students design build and compete their robots in one of the most competitive programs in the country. Show these students that your company shares their passion for building the best.

Professional Industry Individual Memberships are $100 per year and are open to individuals employed in business and industry that are interested in promoting and supporting the objectives of the ATMAE. Membership is valid for 12 months from the date your application is processed.

Benefits of your Industry Membership

Specialty Divisions – Become involved with educators in numerous areas including Construction, Distance Learning, Graphics, Electronics/Electricity and Computer Technology, Management, Manufacturing, Safety and Women in Technology. We also have a Focus Groups in Micro/Nanotechnology.

Award programs - You can sponsor awards recognizing the achievements of students and professional members. – The best source for content about the association, ListServ, Professional Certification, leadership, conference, The Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering. The interactive ATMAE website allows you to actively participate in online discussions and join specialty divisions and focus groups to network with others in your field.

ATMAE’s online Career Center designed to connect companies looking for the expertise of Technologists, Industrial Managers, and Applied Engineers with the largest, most qualified audience of Technology professionals.

ATMAE Annual Conference – Connect with students and faculty directly in competitions rates that allow our members to present research and project activity, attend workshops on the latest technology, participate in student competitions (Robotics, Technology Challenge and Poster Presentations), go on tours, and network with leaders in the Applied Engineering, Engineering Technology, Industrial Technology, and Technology Management professions.

The Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering – features peer-reviewed scholarly research papers (members do not pay a publishing fee).

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If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Jim Thompson, Executive Director;