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Required Documents
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Required Documents



Appropriate documentation of requisite education for eligibility and of continuing education activity (required for CSEG, CSMS, CSTM and CSTP applicants) must be included with the application for certification. ATMAE reserves the right to verify education, professional experience, and continuing education activity.

Suggested Documentation:

Education: Diploma or transcript that identifies applicant, degree name and date degree awarded; or verification of impending degree by signature of academic advisor or appropriate academic staff on the application for certification


Continuing Education - Necessary Information:



  • Basic Information: Documents must 1) identify the certified individual by name, 2) identify the sponsor or provider, 3) provide a title and short description of the content, 4) indicate the dates of attendance, and 5) indicate the number of contact hours, course credit hours, or CEUs accorded to the activity. The document must allow the ATMAE staff to evaluate the activity - Who? What? When? How Much?

  • Source: The document should originate from the sponsor or provider of the activity, from an employer's Human Resources or Training Department, or from a supervisor. Documents reporting activities that were created by the certified individual, such as letters or emails, are not acceptable, unless the information is verified by a supervisor or other reporting source independent of the certified individual.

  • Web-Documents: Web-based documents that do not identify the certified individual by name are not acceptable. Web-based documents that are only accessible by the certified individual are not acceptable (i.e. web-based transcripts that are only accessible through secure login by the certified individual.

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