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Student Poster Competition
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Important Dates

  • Synopsis/abstract Submission Deadline: September 15, 2019
  • Acceptance Notification: September 30, 2019  
  • Student Poster Presenter Conference Registration Deadline : October 7, 2019  
  • Poster Presentation: November 7, 2019 from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Call for Entries


Download (pdf) Student Poster Presentation Guidelines

Technology, Technology Management, Applied Engineering and other technology program students (undergraduate through doctoral level) are invited to submit a synopsis of on-going research and/or results of your research, case studies, or surveys for the 2019 ATMAE Student Poster Competition. A maximum of three presenters may be listed on each proposal. 


Abstracts will be accepted under the following topics:

Distance Learning: Proposals on the following subtopics are particularly encouraged: Best practices in online teaching; strategies for developing online, hybrid and blended delivery formats; Technologies and innovations in distance education; Pedagogical aspects of online instruction; Instructor/student interaction in online classes; Online and distance advising; Workload of online instructors vs. F2F; Professional development in distance education; Assessment and Evaluation methods for distance courses and programs; Proctoring strategies; Managing growth in distance education; Training & support for distance instructors; Support for distance students; Budget and cost-benefit of distance education; Marketing distance courses and programs; Distance learning ethics and copyright; organizational issues in distance education; electronic portfolio in online courses; and learning management systems (LMS) features.


Electricity, Electronics, Computer Technology & Energy Issues: All subtopics within the EECT area are welcome. Proposals on the following subtopics are encouraged: Automation and Control Systems; Computer Applications and Networking; Cyber Security; Health Informatics, Electronic Military and Security Applications; Data Mining and Machine Learning; Robotics and Computer Vision; Simulation and Game Development; Databases and Data Warehouses; Bioinformatics, Software Technology, Optics and Optoelectronics; Embedded Systems, Sensor Networks, Devices and Semiconductors; Electromagnetics and Microwaves; Instrumentation & Measurements; Signal and Image Processing; Cloud Computing, Power Technology and Electronics; Alternative Energies, Technologies, and Energy Conservation.


Manufacturing: This topic includes all manufacturing-based subject matter and technologies. Proposals addressing the topic of Global Manufacturing/US competitiveness, Manufacturing Processes, Manufacturing Systems, Automation and Robotics, Industrial Mechanics, Welding Technology, Agile Manufacturing, Microtechnology and Nanotechnology Issues.


Safety: All topics within the broad field of occupational safety and health are welcome. Proposals focusing on the following topics and research are especially encouraged: Worker safety in diverse fields; Hazard identification, analysis, and communication; Innovative safety intervention in the classroom or workplace; Workplace security and violence prevention programs; Nanotechnology and microtechnology safety issues.


Research should include data collection and analysis, case studies should be in-depth reports of cases, and survey posters should include a broad picture of the research subject. Theoretical research will be accepted on an individual basis. Proposal stage research is not enough for this competition. Students must be currently enrolled in a program and not yet graduated at the time of the competition.


ATMAE leaders will review and select the top Ten (10) abstract submissions for the poster presentation competition session held at the 2019.



Finalists selected to present their poster are required to be active ATMAE members and must attend the 2019 ATMAE Conference to answer questions to the judges. Winners are divided into 2 categories: undergraduate and graduate levels. Each winner will receive a certificate and the following ATMAE Divisions will offer prizes for the best student poster presentation:

  • Distance Learning Division will award one (1) $150 prize for each category.
  • EECT Division will award one (1) $100 prize for each category.
  • Manufacturing Division will award one (1) $125 prize for each category
  • Safety Division will award one (1) $325 prize for each category.

Part 1: Synopsis/abstract submission


Synopsis/Abstract Format

  • One-page Word document
  • 8.5” x 11”, with no less than 1” margins on all sides.
  • Font size 12-point, Arial Narrow or Times New Roman is recommended.
  •  Do not submit “read only” documents.
  •  Please do not use ALL UPPER-CASE text.
  • Use Bold for headings and italics for subheadings.


Content (required sections)

  1. Topic
  2.  Title
  3.  Author information: Name (s), degree program name and status (i.e. Undergraduate, MS program, PhD candidate, DIT candidate, etc.), sponsoring institution, daytime phone number, and email address
  4.  Faculty Sponsor Name (if any), phone and email
  5.  Need (statement on why the presentation/research is needed), 50-100 words
  6.  Brief detailed overview of study between 100-150 words
  7.  Major Points (bullets recommended—no more than 6)
  8.  Summary or Conclusion—75 words or less   

The Synopsis Should

  • Clearly articulate the research or work undertaken
  • Use correct language, spelling, and grammar
  • Convey a topic of current interest or relevance
  • Apply critical thinking skills
  • Be creative

Synopsis submission

 Please submit one-page synopsis/abstract to Karen Miles, ATMAE Director of Programs, email:, by September 15, 2019, adding “ATMAE – Student Poster” on the subject line. 

Part 2: The Poster Competition at the 2019 ATMAE Conference in Charlotte, N.C.


Presentation, Thursday November 7:

Based on the merits of the submitted abstract, students will be selected to create and present the poster. Student (s) will be at their poster and prepare to answer questions to the judges. 

Poster Guidelines

Create your poster using Microsoft PowerPoint, using a single slide, poster size: 1 panel of 36 x 48 inches. Bring your poster to the presentation room, there is NO need to mount on a tri-fold poster board.

Suggestion - poster should include:

  • Poster size: 36” x 48”
  •  Poster Title: Font size 100
  • Presenter and university Name: Arial 60+  Headings: 90+ bold
  • Subheadings: 70+ bold Text: 50-70                       
  • Text on the poster should not be less than 36-point font.
  • Use of Appropriate Pictures/Graphics: You can insert jpegs, bmp, etc. Pictures, diagrams, graphs, tables and charts should be clear resolution and make your poster visually appealing.
  • Citations: Be consistent. Citations are done according to MLA, APA, or CSE guidelines.
  • People enjoy informative, colorful, visually appealing and stimulating postersA


Free PowerPoint poster templates can be downloaded from the website  


Poster presentation competition is sponsored by the Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering. Please contact: Dr. Suhansa (Sue) Rodchua, School of Technology, University of Central Missouri, Email: with questions.