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Why Certify



A History of the ATMAE Certification Program


In 1991, the ATMAE Board of Certification was established to create professional certification programs for individuals in the technology management and applied engineering fields.  Since that time, six certification programs have been developed and have been used to certify thousands of individuals.


The Exam Commission formed for each ATMAE Certification Program consisted of experts in the field from across the country so that exam content embodied technology management and applied engineering fields throughout the United States.

The ATMAE Certification exams were developed under the guidelines established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The process used by ANSI to accredit certification bodies is based on an international standard (ISO/IEC 17011). Adherence to a rigorous internationally recognized accreditation process ensures that the ANSI process conforms to the highest accreditation standard and represents the best practices in accreditation.  ANSI is the only personal certification accreditation body in the United States to meet nationally accepted practices for accreditation bodies.


Each exam’s content is representative of the task, skills, and knowledge needed to successfully perform the job in which the certification is documenting. Exam content is developed by individuals who currently perform that job or manage, supervise, train, and/or educate individuals for that particular job.


Benefits of ATMAE Certification Exam



  • An important tool for understanding how well your students are learning and allows you to objectively measure the success of your academic program
  • Allows you to assess your current curriculum against industry practice and standards
  • Provides a tool to measure and monitor program objectives and outcomes
  • Supports accreditation requirements
  • Helps to improve overall academic and professional development of your students

We can arrange a sample exam session for educators to see if one or more of the ATMAE exams meets your requirements.The sample exam includes a sample results report for your review. Please contact the ATMAE office at (919) 635-8335; 



Certification is a critical investment for emerging professional career growth. ATMAE recommends earning at least one of the professional certifications that are offered for graduates of two year technical and four year technology/applied engineering programs.


Professional Certifications provide employers with evidence that an individual: 

  • has achieved a nationally recognized standard of excellence
  • goes above and beyond the minimum expectations
  • is committed to the profession
  • has a skill set that allows the new hire to add value to an organization on day one
  • strives to stand out as the best
  • is highly motivated and interested in keeping up with the latest technological change

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